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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


>> We have a multi-user license with hundreds of end users. Can we manage our subscription without having to use hundreds of usernames and passwords?

Yes, you can. Please contact Institutional Services at or call 800.531.1425. Your dedicated Institutional Specialist will be pleased to discuss technology solutions that give your end users access without having to manage hundreds of usernames and passwords.

>> We want to redistribute Value Line reports to our clients. How can we do that, and what are your terms and conditions?

We welcome your interest. Please send redistribution requests to our Institutional Services department at or call 1-800-531-1425.

>> What options for remote access does Value Line offer for libraries?

Our online products can be accessed by any of your registered patrons through EZ Proxy, Referring URL, Bar Code Recognition or ther means. Our IT staff will gladly collaborate with you to set up the authentication method that works best for your users. Contact us at or call 1-800-531-1425.

>> We belong to a corporate environemnt. How can we incorporate Value Line reports into one of our research tools with other vendors’ databases on our Intranet?

Our technology specialists can help you do this. Please contact Institutional Services at or call 800.531.1425 for more information.

>> What is the Timelineness Rank?

The Timeliness Rank is Value Line’s proprietary algorithm for predicting the price performance of a stock over the coming 6 to 12 months, relative to the approximately 1,700 stocks covered by Value Line analysts.

>> How many stock alerts can I set up?

For Professional users, there is no limit to the category or number of companies you can add to receive alerts.

>>I've created a custom template in the Advanced Charting tool. Can I save it?

Yes, as a Professional user you are able to save up to 10 templates.

>>How can I retrieve the most recent Selection & Opinion or Summary & Index reports?

After signing in, go to the “Dashboard” from there, use the “Quick Links” box to select the report. Classic print subscribers can review the Summary & Index after 8 a.m. Eastern Time each Monday; simply sign in, go to the “Dashboard”, and use the “Quick Links” box to select “Summary & Index."

>>How can I access the Watchlist tool?

You can access the watchlist tool from three different areas: under "Find Ideas" in the navigation section; from the Dashboard; and from the Company profile in the Action bar.

>>Can I sign into the Value Line platform from more than one computer?

You may only sign in to the Value Line platform from one computer at a time. If you need access on multiple computers, please contact Institutional Services at or call 800.531.1425.

>> How do I look at the classic PDF report for a company?

First, look up a company or select a company from a list. In the “Action” bar near the top of the report is a link for “PDF reports” – you can select from the most recent four reports listed there. Or, from a company report, select the “Value Line PDF Report” module and view the report you are interested in.



Value Line Video Tutorials

Improve your use of Value Line’s New Equity Platform with video tutorials.

In our ongoing effort to provide the best customer service experience possible, Value Line presents video tutorials to help you maximize the value of your online subscription. Our tutorials will present topics such as: Basic Navigation, How to Use the Digital Research Report, Maximizing the Screener Application, and Creating Advanced Charts.

Please click on any video below to view the presentation. If you need additional support please contact us at or by calling 1-800-VALUELINE (1-800-825-8354).

Platform Navigation

video video

In this presentation, Value Line discusses how to navigate the main features and tool options to help you use the new platform quickly and efficiently.

The Digital Research Report

video video

Learn how to access and customize the new digital version of our research report as well as download the classic PDF version. 

Using The Screener

video video

The presentation will present the newly designed screener allowing you to quickly filter the Value Line universe for the companies that match your specific criteria.  

Creating Charts

video video

Learn how to maximize the capacities of the advanced charting application allowing you to graph Value Line’s proprietary data.

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