Value Line Institutional Services


The Value Line ETF Survey

A complete database of every U.S. and Japan listed ETF

The Value Line ETF Survey is exclusively available to institutional and corporate customers seeking in-depth research of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). ETF Survey provides performance, funds flow, and asset allocation data tracking components of every U.S. and Japan listed ETF, with nearly $1 trillion in total assets. Our data delivers a complete picture of professional and individual investor flows and passive fund manager allocations driving global markets.

Value Line’s ETF Survey uses our proprietary Ranking System, which quantitatively evaluates and ranks each ETF based on actual and known data. As the number of ETFs available continues to grow, and the complexity of these funds increases, The Value Line ETF Survey will allow users to easily navigate toward the funds that best match their investment needs.


Key features include: 

  • User-friendly screening on a wide range of categories including Asset Class, Geography of holdings, Sector, Investment Philosophy, Primary Exchange and more
  • Investment metrics to evaluate performance
  • Global heat maps to quickly locate holdings in specific regions and countries
  • Weekly updates on newly launched ETFs
  • Intelligent, Intuitive, and Inclusive data 

The database includes more than 1,850 ETFs in every asset-class, sector, and industry. 

The primary categories are:

  • Geography: US, Global, International, Regional, Country specific, Emerging Markets
  • Asset Class: Equity, Fixed Income, Commodity, Currency, Real Estate, Multi-asset, Hybrid
  • Investment Philosophy: Passive index, Enhanced index, Actively managed, Socially responsible
  • Index Composition: Traditional, Fundamental, Alternative
  • Leveraged/Inverse: No Leverage, Leveraged, Inverse, Inverse Leveraged

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