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Each managed portfolio we offer draws on over 80 years of trusted investment research. Through the service, Value Line has created a series of Quantitative Strategies and actively Managed Model Portfolios designed to achieve specific risk/return objectives. Each portfolio is developed using quantitative and qualitative analysis and is carefully monitored to keep it on track with its established goals. 


The asset management business has become increasingly competitive in today's more complex financial markets. This requires performance enhancement to traditional asset management products, as well as creative innovations in new product development. Value Line's Quantitative Strategies use criteria primarily based on Value Line's time-tested Ranking System, Financial Strength Rating, technical indicators, and our proprietary database. The selection process is quantitative and follows predefined rules. Our back tested strategies are developed by a team of quantitative analysts who have earned PhDs in their respective fields, along with seasoned economists, statisticians, and engineers to help investors outperform the broader market indexes.

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Value Line Managed Model Portfolios offer a range of pre-determined investment objectives that are suitable for a wide range of investors. There are more than ten active portfolios to choose from, ranging from conservative to risk tolerant. Just as with our Quantitative Strategies, we select every stock according to a well-developed methodology, drawing upon Value Line’s extensive coverage of actively traded stocks. By utilizing Value Line’s proprietary Ranking System, we can narrow down which stocks will potentially generate the best market opportunities. 

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Foreign Domiciled Stock Index (FDSI)

Value Line has introduced the Foreign Domiciled Stock Index (FDSI) as a passive investing model designed to achieve exceptional returns in the equity market outside the U.S., while providing broad market exposure with low portfolio turnover. FDSI is a perfect investment vehicle for investors looking for diversification through international equities.

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