Value Line Institutional Services


Value Line Select®

Stock Selection Service

One stock is chosen using The Value Line Ranking System to screen the approximately 1,700 stocks in The Value Line Investment Survey®. We conduct qualitative research by digging into the operations and prospects of the most promising companies, often speaking with managements. We assess the economic and industry outlook, as well as the competition. Finally, we project future financial results to derive the month’s recommended stock’s target price. 

The Value Line universe of 1,700 stocks includes many analyst-covered equities but only one stock above all others is chosen each month as the selected recommendation. Every month, Value Line Select subscribers receive a comprehensive 15-25 page research report on a single stock chosen by our senior analysts. Our experts use in-depth fundamental research, as well as proprietary analytical tools to choose one stock with reasonable risk and maximum total-return potential.

Each monthly report includes:

  • A featured company introduction, which consists of a comprehensive, statistical overview of the company’s past and current performance, prospects, and other key data
  • The reason to buy. We provide a focused look at the recommended company, its competitive advantages, as well as catalysts and opportunities that should cause its shares to outperform.
  • Business operations and strategies. Subscribers get substantial detailed data on relevant company history, products and services, business strategies, organizational structure and management.
  • The financial picture. To support our recommendation, we provide a comprehensive look at company financials, a review of earnings, and a discussion of specific factors unique to the company and industry. We also include charts, graphs, a record of historical dividend payments (if applicable) and future growth prospects.
  • Summary. A financial overview explaining why we’ve selected this one stock for consideration.
  • Additional features include:
  • Supplementary Reports. Subscribers receive a Supplementary Report, typically each quarter, with an updated BUY or HOLD recommendation, on every Select stock, until we recommend its sale.
  • Alerts. When Value Line recommends selling a stock, we notify our subscribers by email or phone so no time is wasted.
  • Unlimited Online Access. As a subscriber, you have access to the Value Line Select reports online as often as you like at no additional charge.