Value Line Institutional Services


Value Line Select®: Dividend Income & Growth

Featured stock with supporting in-depth research

Receive one dividend-paying stock recommendation qualified as the featured selection. Value Line Select: Dividend Income & Growth focuses on companies with dividend yields greater than the average of all stocks covered by Value Line, with a preference for companies that have consistently increased their dividends above the rate of inflation over the longer term and, based on Value Line's analysis, have the financial strength to both support and increase dividend payments in the future. Recommendations are backed by in-depth research and are subject to ongoing monitoring by senior research personnel. 

Dividend Income & Growth is one of Value Line’s premiere equity-focused advisory publications, issuing  one monthly featured stock selection and two alternative highlighted equity recommendations. Value Line’s analysts, statisticians and economists seek to recommend high-quality stocks expected to provide above-average current income with appealing long-term dividend growth prospects.

Stock-selection service that helps investors build and manage a well-diversified portfolio includes:

  • 20-25 page report providing our featured stock plus two alternative equities for consideration
  • Detailed discussion of global economic developments
  • Statistical overview of highlighted companies’ past and current performance, prospects, and other key data
  • Focused look at the recommended companies, their competitive advantages, as well as the catalysts and opportunities that should drive the business
  • Substantial detailed data on relevant companies’ histories, products and services, business strategies, and organizational structures
  • In-depth evaluation of the corporations’ finances, a review of earnings, and a discussion of factors unique to each selected company and history
  • Charts, graphs, and a record of historical dividend payments and detailed future growth projections
  • Overview clearly explaining why Value Line has selected these stocks for consideration
  • Tables updating the current holdings of featured and alternative stocks with our bottom line Buy, Hold or Sell recommendations