Value Line Institutional Services


The Value Line Special Situations Service

One Aggressive and One Conservative Recommendation Every Month

Each month, one aggressive and one conservative income-oriented stock with the biggest earnings potential are recommended from Value Line's database of small- and mid-cap equities. For aggressive selections, this service seeks companies that have the potential to generate strong earnings growth over the next 3-5 years. This service offers more aggressive managers recommendations on emerging frowth stocks with exceptional long-term capital gains potential.

The goal of The Value Line Special Situations Service is to help investors create a diversified small- and mid-cap portfolio that includes aggressive companies with potential for substantial capital appreciation that can be balanced with conservative companies that operate in relatively stable industries.


Features include:

  • Rankings
  • Detailed company overview
  • Examination of the Company’s historical finances
  • Stop loss recommendation to provide a measure of protection
  • Portfolio page which lists all Aggressive and Conservative stocks followed by the service in separate portfolios
  • “Economic View” which includes notable developments in the stocks followed since the last issue
  • Three-to-five year price appreciation potential
  • Updates on six previously recommended stocks