Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Clients around the world rely on us to make informed investment decisions possible every trading day

Ranging from the largest Wall Street firms to registered investment advisors (RIAs), certified financial planners (CFPs), or certified public accounts (CPAs) with small businesses, our clients single out Value Line Professional Services as independent and authoritative—in a word, the “bedrock” of investing. As a Professional ("Pro") subscriber you will have access to high-end services that are available exclusively to Professional clients. Our community of Pros includes Financial Advisors, Corporate Investors, Government Agencies, Portfolio Managers, and Research Analysts—to name a handful. (See our policy*) Value Line Pro clients come from the following sectors:

Financial Advisors

As a Value Line Professional client, your insight into the market becomes even sharper as access to new tools, knowledge, and data transforms the world of investing that you know into high definition. Our reports can serve as a primary source or complement research generated in-house or by other firms.

Corporate Investors

Value Line’s online tools will help you sift through a virtual warehouse of data in a format that can easily integrate with your resources as a whole and be your partner on matters relating to your company’s financial investments.

Government Agencies

Value Line Pro helps government agencies with the oversight and administration of their investments. Monitor market news and events with Value Line's in-depth accounts of news and events that may affect the market value of securities.

Portfolio Managers

Portfolio managers are presented with an overwhelming amount of investment ideas from internal buy-side analysts and sell-side analysts from investment banks. It is Value Line’s job to sift through the relevant information and provide the highest quality analysis that will ultimately lead to successful and strategic decision-making.

Research Analysts

Value Line saves you hours of time with tools to help you quickly sift through a warehouse of data – search one of almost 250 data fields, export what is meaningful to you in a format that can easily integrate with your resources as a whole.


*It’s Value Line’s policy that individuals who are affiliated with firms registered with the SEC and/or FINRA, or who are using Value Line investment research for commercial purposes, are considered “professionals” and must have a Professional Services Subscription. Each professional client requiring online access to our investment research must have their own user license. Value Line also offers multi-user licenses, which can make our research more accessible within an organization.