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    Pro Elite

    6,000 Stocks

    Pro Elite is our most extensive research tier, granting access to a vault of investment research, approximately 6,000 stocks, data, expert analysis, and unbiased commentary with a time-tested and performance-proven Ranking System.

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    Pro Premium

    3,400 Stocks

    Pro Premium includes The Value Line Investment Survey and The Value Line Investment Survey--Small & Mid-Cap. This equity package monitors approximately 3,400 companies with market values ranging from under $1 billion to well over $500 billion, across 100 industries, representing 95% of U.S. daily trading volume.

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    Pro Basic

    1,700 Stocks

    Pro Basic covers the 1,700 stocks included in The Value Line Investment Survey®, drawn from nearly 100 industries, and representing 90% of total U.S. daily trading volume. There are over 340 data fields that can be applied to help you make more informed decisions.

Foreign Domiciled Stock Index (FDSI)


Foreign Domiciled Stock Index

A passive investing model designed to achieve exceptional returns

The Foreign Domiciled Stock Index (FDSI) is a subset of 127 stocks within The Value Line Investment Survey®, which consists of approximately 1,700 stocks ranked for medium-term (6-12 month) price performance, financial strength, and long-term price stability relative to other stocks in the Survey. These 127 foreign domiciled stocks are ranked using Value Line’s proprietary algorithms, and are traded on the U.S. exchanges. FDSI is a perfect investment vehicle for investors looking for diversification through international equities. The FDSI, which consists of 89 foreign domiciled stocks and 52 ADRs, is equally weighted on a weekly basis. Using the time-tested and proven Value Line Ranking System for Timeliness™ and Safety™, the FDSI has outperformed major market indexes.

Foreign Domiciled Stock Index

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