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Our Policy

It is Value Line's policy that individuals who are affiliated with firms registered as brokers or investment advisors with the SEC and/or FINRA or are Financial Planners, CPA's, Legal Counsel, academic entities, or offer life insurance products or annuities or are affiliated with banks, trust institutions, government agencies or the representatives of government agencies, or are using Value Line research for commercial purposes are considered Institutional Clients and must have an Institutional subscription. Each professional individual requiring online access to our research must have their own license. Value Line offers multi-user licenses, which can make our content more widely accessible within your organization at a substantially lower cost per user than individual subscriptions.



Value Line takes pride in making sure our customers have the appropriate resources to maximize the benefits of our services. As such, per our corporate policy, you qualify to be an Institutional Subscriber if you are:

  • Affiliated a with firm registered as a Broker or Investment Advisor with the SEC and/or FINRA

  • A financial planner, CPA, or offer insurance products

  • Affiliated with a bank or trust company, or act as legal consult

  • Affiliated with a Federal, State, or Municipal agency

  • Use Value Line research for commercial purposes