Fund Advisor Pro


Fund Advisor Pro

Diversify your portfolio and control risk with mutual funds

Fund Advisor Pro gives you access to the entire Value Line database of approximately 20,000 no-load and low-load mutual funds, each with its own printable fact sheet, and each is fully searchable via online screening. This comprehensive service allows you to view, sort, screen, and develop reports on all funds to identify those that meet your specific criteria. Mutual funds are grouped into 6 general categories (general, special, international, partial equity, taxable fixed income, and tax-free income) and 31 separate fund groups, defining each fund by investment objective (e.g. aggressive growth, foreign stock, corporate bonds).

Fund Advisor Pro features print editions with daily web updates and monthly print issues with a comprehensive tabular index of more than 800 key funds grouped by category, with more than 24 data points and performance indicators for each fund. Daily profile updates are available online.

Performance Index

  • Value Line’s performance-proven Ranking System for both funds and fund managers, with performance figures going back as far as 20 years.
  • Value Line’s asset-allocation model uses your personal profile to guide your thinking about your investment objectives, risk tolerance, and other criteria.
  • Allows you to connect to a vast range of fund performance, investment style, expense, and portfolio holdings data as well as Value Line rankings so you can select funds that fit your investment strategy.

Additional Features

  • Analyst commentary on markets, the economy, industry sectors, and portfolio strategies.
  • Monthly spotlight on two key funds with selected asset classes, with in-depth reports and analyst discussions.
  • “Short List” of updated fund recommendations for all asset-allocation models.
  • Best- and worst-performing funds for each fund category and risk level, plus benchmark performance averages for various investment objective groups and time periods.


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Fund Advisor Pro

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