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Serving libraries and academic institutions all around the globe. 


Value Line Library Services delivers reliable information to help patrons make better informed decisions. Providing Value Line’s performance-proven investment research in your community will allow your staff, patrons, and students to be more confident when making personal investment decisions. Backed by our proprietary ranking system and team of expert financial and industry analysts, Value Line’s Library Services delivers the research tools that your patrons need to make educated investment decisions:

Investment research for libraries located outside of the U.S. 

Library patrons interested in international investing can access the North American Market with the help of Value Line library products. At a glance, patrons can conduct their own research on U.S. stocks by evaluating our comprehensive reports and insightful analyst commentary. Value Line is more than a research tool - it's a learning center for all investors worldwide. 

Shape a well-informed investor, whether at your library or by remote access

With our online tools and educational features patrons, students, and researchers are sure to find what they're looking for. Value Line Online provides the flexibility to use anywhere or anytime, and our multi-user online licenses can eliminate costly print subscriptions and efforts to preserving hundreds of Value Line reports. 

Web-Based Investment Research

  • Request options for IP, remote, or password authentication
  • Our online tools and educational features create additional value for patrons
  • User-friendly interface
  • Serves investors of all levels
  • Access to a dedicated Institutional Services Specialist




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