Model Portfolios 

Combining research & proactive management for insightful approaches to investing

Efficiently serving clients with a lineup of investment portfolios actively managed by Value Line. We start with rigorous, thorough research to select investments based on their fundamental merits. Then, we put them to work for you in a series of sophisticated portfolios.

The below four portfolios are included with every level of Value Line professional equity service.


Portfolio lstocks with Above-Average Year-Ahead Price Potential, is built on Value Line’s renowned Timelines Ranking System. It is primarily suitable for investors who wish to take more risk in hopes of greater returns than might be afforded in Portfolios II or III. To qualify for purchase in the above portfolio, a stock must have a Timeliness Rank of 1 or 2, and a Financial Strength Rating of at least B+. The stock also has to offer above-median 18-month appreciation potential. If a stock’s Timeliness Rank falls below 3 or its 18-month appreciation potential drops to zero or becomes negative, it will be automatically removed. Stocks in the above portfolio are selected and monitored by Michael F. Napoli, Senior Analyst.  

stocks with above average year ahead price potential

*The above sample portfolio does not reflect current actual holdings


Portfolio II, stocks for Income and Potential Price Appreciation, combines our Timeliness Ranking System with an investment objective for above-average income. This portfolio is primarily suitable for more conservative investors. To qualify for purchase, a stock’s yield (the estimated annual dividend for the next 12 months divided by the recent stock price) must be higher than the median yield for all approximately 1,700 stocks Value Line follows. The stock must also have a Timeliness rank of at least 3. The higher-than-average yields provide support to the shares in down markets. This portfolio tends to be  less volatile because the companies, as a whole, are more likely to be mature and predictable.

Stocks for income and potential price appreciation

*The above sample portfolio does not reflect current actual holdings


Portfolio lll, stocks with Long-Term Price Growth Potential, is based on the fundamental research of our staff of research analysts. This portfolio is suitable for investors with a 3- to 5-year horizon; in terms of risk, it falls somewhere between Portfolios I and II. This portfolio tends to be the most flexible, allowing purchases of a broader array of companies. It is constructed under the principles of modern portfolio theory, which states that the risk of a portfolio should be viewed within the context of a portfolio as a whole, rather than judging the portfolio according to the average rankings of individual securities it holds. To that end, this portfolio is generally well-diversified, comprising stocks in a variety of different non-related industries.

Stocks with long term price potential

*The above sample portfolio does not reflect current actual holdings


Portfolio IV focuses on stocks with above average dividend yields. Investors seeking current income are likely to find interest here. Stocks selected for the portfolio must have a yield at least 1% above the median of all dividend paying stocks tracked in The Value Line Investment Survey, a Timeliness rank of at least 3, and a Financial Strength rating of at least a B+ at the time of purchase. Although the senior analyst managing Portfolio IV may sell a holding at any time, replacing it with a new stock with better prospects, any stock whose Timeliness rank falls below 4 is automatically replaced Despite the focus on dividend yield and current income, stocks are typically selected from a broad range of industries, providing a meaningful degree of diversification. The portfolio’s risk profile will likely be less than the broader market, given the typical concentration of low-Beta stocks

Portfolio of stocks with above average dividend yields

*The above sample portfolio does not reflect current actual holdings

Additional Value Line Portfolios


Each month, one stock is chosen from the 1,700 stocks in The Value Line Investment Survey®. We conduct qualitative research by digging into the operations and prospects of the most promising companies. We assess the economic and industry outlook, as well as the competition. Finally, we project future financial results to derive the month’s recommended stock’s target price.
The Value Line universe of 1,700 stocks includes many analyst-covered equities but only one stock above all others is chosen each month as the selected recommendation. Every month, Value Line Select subscribers receive a comprehensive 15-25 page research report on a single stock chosen by our senior analysts. Our experts use in-depth fundamental research, as well as proprietary tools to choose one stock with reasonable risk and maximum total-return potential.
Plus, we now also offer a Bonus Recommendation. An alternative to the  main selection, the Bonus Recommendation will be an equity from a lesser known company with a smaller market capitalization (less than $5.0 billion)  and a higher risk profile containing more upside potential than the main equity selection.


Receive a featured stock with supporting in-depth research every month. Value Line Select: Dividend Income & Growth is one of our premiere equity-focused advisory publications, issuing one monthly featured stock selection and two alternative highlighted equity recommendations. Value Line’s analysts, statisticians, and economists seek to recommend high-quality stocks expected to provide above-average current income with appealing long-term dividend growth prospects.
Value Line Select: Dividend Income & Growth focuses on companies with dividend yields greater than the average of all stocks covered by Value Line. Further, our analysis has a preference for companies that have consistently increased their dividends above the rate of inflation over the longer term. Based on Value Line’s analysis, these recommendations have the financial strength to both support and increase dividend payments in the future. These recommendations are backed by in-depth research and are subject to ongoing monitoring by senior research personnel.


Each month, one aggressive and one conservative income-oriented stock is recommended from Value Line’s database of small- and mid-cap equities. For aggressive selections, this service seeks companies that have the potential to generate strong earnings growth over the next 3-5 years. This service offers more aggressive managers recommendations on emerging growth stocks with exceptional long-term capital gains potential.
The goal of The Value Line Special Situations Service is to help investors create a diversified small- and mid-cap portfolio that includes aggressive companies with potential for substantial capital appreciation that can be balanced with conservative companies that operate in relatively stable industries


Published monthly, The Value Line M&A Service is designed to identify companies that possess characteristics such as a successful product lineup, market position, or important technology that make them good acquisition candidates. Subscribers to The Value Line M&A Service will receive a comprehensive report on the stock market and insights on the selected company’s financials to gauge the state of the M&A environment. The reports will also include note-style commentaries on recently announced acquisitions as well as investment advice from Value Line’s team of 70 analysts, data experts, quantitative specialists, and economists.
The main feature of the M&A Service consists of detailed, multipage highlights on selectively chosen M&A candidate stock that will include an acquisition thesis, in-depth company analysis, recent financial results, estimates & projections, and stock performance summary.
Combining extensive data with updates to prior recommendations, the Value Line M&A service enables financial professionals to find worthwhile holdings with the added potential for great returns.

*The above sample portfolio does not reflect current actual holdings


This publication, designed for the climate-conscious, profit-oriented investor, seeks to provide key climate news alongside a managed portfolio of twenty stocks, chosen by our analysts, which stand to benefit from ongoing responses to climate change. Selections are vetted based not only on time-tested financial measures, but also the potential impact of climate change and measures taken to combat it on their business.

Our selections fall into two main groups:

  1. Businesses that are focused on providing environmental solutions.
  2. Those that are likely to thrive in a changing climate.

In order to help put our selections into context, subscribers will also receive concise reports covering current scientific and economic developments, along with an analysis of how these developments could impact their investments.  
Every issue features new updates to our portfolio.

*The above sample portfolio does not reflect current actual holdings


Utilizing Value Line's 87-plus years of experience, and the full resources of our Research Department, approximately 2,200 ETFs are screened to find that one ETF to recommend and report on each month.
Every month, Value Line Select: ETFs subscribers receive a comprehensive 15-20 page research report on a single ETF chosen by our senior analysts, along with vital information regarding its respective industry. Our experts use in-depth fundamental research, as well as proprietary tools to choose one ETF with reasonable risk and maximum total return potential.
Value Line Select: ETFs recommendations will then become part of the Value Line Select: ETFs portfolio. Each month, in addition to highlighting a new ETF for purchase, we will provide updates in regard to previous selections, along with updated Buy, Hold, and Sell ratings.

*The above sample portfolio does not reflect current actual holdings