Pro Basic


Pro Basic

Pro Basic covers the 1,700 stocks included in The Value Line Investment Survey®,

Value Line proprietary research. An in-depth perspective on heavily traded stocks. 

Value Line Pro Basic grants access to our vault of investment research, data, expert analysis, and unbiased commentary with a time-tested and a proven ranking system.

Pro Basic covers the 1,700 stocks included in The Value Line Investment Survey®, drawn from nearly 100 industries, and representing 90% of total U.S. daily trading volume. There are over 340 data fields that can be applied to help you make more informed decisions. Value Line has led its subscribers towards financial success by satisfying the demand for actionable insights and tools to manage any investment.

  • Covers 1,700, mostly large-capitalization stocks
  • 3 years of Historical Reports & Data
  • 26 customizable modules with ability to save templates for future analysis
  • Stock Screener
  • Advanced charting
  • Ability to set up Alerts & Watch Lists

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